Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Green Top for Spring

It's currently snowing outside now on the first day of Spring up here.  Oops?

All the more reason to start spring sewing right?  Yes!

I've also learned that I seem to get the most sewing done with a random self imposed deadline.  For instance, I bought the gorgeous Nani Iro double gauze at Fabrications a few weeks ago and then decided I MUST make a shirt from it for St Patricks day.

Please excuse the wrinkles! I had just taken it of after wearing it for a while!

I'm not Irish remotely, and I'm not big on celebrating random holidays, but hey, any excuse to make something right?

So I finally made up a Wiksten tank.  I've been meaning to make one for basically years, and I'm glad a finally did.

It's a quick sew, and super cute.  I was also able to get this out of a single meter of fabric with only some slight adjustments to make it a bit narrower (which I had already planned anyways) and voila!  Oh I did also cut it to the length of a medium to account for my height too. 

I also kinda love how the design is kinda unbalanced as a result of me having to cut out the front and back beside each other not above.  I think it's a neat effect!

Will I make more?  I hope so!! I can see a whole summer of these! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Staple Bandwagon

Some decided sewing time on my birthday a few weeks ago finally meant I got to finish a few projects for me!  So I thought I'd join the bandwagon and make that Staple Dress by April Rhodes people keep bloggin about.

Simple, cute, can use most fabrics for it = win for me.  I hoped I could make it my go to pattern for quick dresses, because well, I love dresses and have limited sewing time.

I purposely just made the XS, hoping it would fit well enough and I would alter any future versions.  With the elastic shirring waist, I figured it would fit ok regardless.   I'm not however a fan of high necks for a few reasons, mainly because I'm still nursing little E.  So I did grade down the neck a good bit, and out a teeny bit.

I was also sewing with a quilting weight cotton, not ideal (but super cute!), but again, I figured I'd try it.  I also wanted to try the drop hem.  Drop hem + this weight of fabric = not the best, but again, ok!

So results?  Definitely quick, easy and cute, but the XS is still way too big on me, with gaping across the bodice under the arms.  Sure its a relaxed fit, but not this much.

Solution?  Added a inverted box pleat to the neck line at the front and a little one at the back.  Sure this meant my neckline doesn't allow for nursing, but it brought everything together.  I could have taken in and redrafted the sides, but this was a quicker fix for this one.

Next time?  I need to take a inch at least out of the centre on the fold, THEN with an adjusted neck?  It should equal awesome.  Knit version next time maybe?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ponky the Giant Squid

I may have been crazy, but I did it anyways, I made an eight foot long stuffed giant squid.

M loves sea creatures these days, and when I saw these directions pinned on Pinterest… and with Mr. OHM's encouragement, I had to make it.  Lots of fleece and a GIANT bag of stuffing later, here he is!

He greeted the kids Christmas morning and M was thrilled, giving him lots of hugs before he had him attacking the pirate ship he got from Oma (oh and massaging him with his new toy drill too… poor Ponky).

The directions I had were pretty good, and I think he turned out well.. Stuffing the loges tentacles was a super huge pain, and I ended up having to add a second opening (more hand sewing yay!)

And I was sooo on top of things before Christmas that I was sewing the eye on Christmas morning before they kids woke up…. 

Why Ponky you ask?  I have no idea, that's just what M named him, and I think it's rather cute.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 - A Short Review

Sure I didn't sew or blog as much as I wanted in 2013 (I'm blaming getting used to having two kids and trying to sell a house!), but I'm still happy with what I made!

So heres a little recap.

And here are a few things that I made by haven't blogged (and might not blog) yet.

I also started making these scarves from woven wraps to sell just last month.  I've sold a number, and we'll see how it goes, I do love them! (more details on my Facebook page HERE.)

What in store for 2014?  I'll keep it simple.

- Sew mostly from my stash.  I managed to acquire a LOT of new patterns and fabrics this year (probably because I have easy access to all the lovely stuff at Fabrications!)  So I plan to sew mostly from that this year!
- Learn to draft patterns.  I'm taking a course on drafting a skirt at Fabrications next week so hopefully that will go well!
- Organize and finish setting up my sewing room, I moved and started this in the summer, and when it's done it will be awesome!  I also plan to better organize my fabrics/patterns/projects (in an app or database)  I so easily loose track of what fabric I have and what I plan to do with it!

How was your 2013?  And whats planned for 2014?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Ruby Christmas

Since I don't have girls to make Christmas dresses for, I figured, I could make one for myself right?

I bought some of this fabric at my local chain store because I LOVED the Rudolph cartoon as a kid, and my son loves it now too.  I figured I'd make like a pillow or something, so I just got a meter of it.

But then I thought, maybe I could make a dress!  I thought a bit, and wondered if maybe Made by Rae's new Ruby dress might fit the bill as it didn't need much of the main fabric.  Sure it calls for more than a meter, but with some careful cutting (it's the Dutch part of me) and since I only needed to cut an XS, it was JUST enough.

(Please excuse my crazy hair ;)

I paired it with some blue cotton and bingo.  Only one problem remained, this dress is NOT accessible for my eager nursing babe.  So I thought, can I just add a button placket.  Not too hard, just cut the front bodice in half at the centre and lengthened each side a few inches so I could make a placket.  I still finished it with bias tape (although the wider stuff was all I had on hand)  It's not perfect by any means, but as Christmas dress that won't get worn very often, it was ok.

The final issue was that the top bodice is NOT long enough to access the girls.  So I slit the skirt down 3 inches in the centre front, rolled a tiny hem and top stitched it.  With the gathers in front it isn't obvious, but gives a bit more room.  If I make this again (which I likely will as it's a quick sew even with the changes)  I'd go down another inch, add a proper facing (I just zig zagged around the bottom of the V, but it'll give out with repeated use.) and a small snap or so as it may gap if longer.

So now we're ready for Christmas! (please excuse me while I finish sewing three more gifts)

Oh and I'll share too that I made a couple lengths of Christmasy bunting this year too.  I wanted quick safe ornaments for our tree, and so I've hung the bunting there this year,  its a bit big, but ok, and in future years I can hang the bunting elsewhere!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Facebook and a new endeavour

So I've finally created a Facebook page for these here lil blog.  Sure there isn't many of you followers, but I thought why not!  Check it out here:

And plus, it seemed a good platform to hawk my new mini endeavour.  Making infinity scarves from woven wrap fabric, Didymos indios in particular.  After making one up from a scrap and getting such a positive response, and encouragement to make more from other mamas in my local babywearing group, I thought hey, why not try it!

This is the one I made for me from a hemp blend indio called Lila.

I have several other indios to chop up on the way, and one here already.  So you all should go check them and me out here  sometime.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One Year Old in a Bimaa Hoodie

Hard to believe this sweet, sweet boy is already one!  It seems just like yesterday we snuggled into bed after his birth a chilly morning in December.

And today he's a bundle of silliness, just starting to form almost words, and just starting to stand on his own.

To help celebrate, I thought I'd make him something new, and made him up a Bimaa hoodie.  I got this pattern in a bundle a few months ago, and loved the slim fitting style and oversized hood.  And it delivered exactly what I wanted.

I made the 12 month size, and it fits exactly.  I plan to make more, but I'll definitely size up.

I wasn't 100% sure of the big hood, but it's the perfect oversized hood!  Look at it! it's too much cuteness!

And now he can sorta match his brother when he wears the cardigan I made him!  I need to get a picture of that at Christmas!

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